Starting Point

Last week when Peyton Manning threw for 7 touchdowns I was pretty amazed, but I wasn’t shocked. It’s Peyton Manning. That’s what he does. He throws touchdown passes. Really, really, REALLY well. I’m expecting him to throw for at least 3 more touchdown passes this week, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he threw for 6 or 7 again.

Because he’s Peyton Manning. He’s built a reputation in football. He throws touchdown passes. I have a good starting point for trusting that he will throw enough touchdown passes to get me a W in my fantasy league. Because he’s Peyton Manning.

In John 4, Jesus heals a royal officials son. This is cool and what not. Healing is cool. Right? Yes, I will answer for you.

This royal official, though, knew of Jesus. How? Because this royal official had seen Jesus do things before. He had a starting point. He had seen Jesus turn water into wine in Cana. Now Jesus was back. This time they didn’t need more wine.

This dude needed Jesus to heal his son. 

So, this guy asked Jesus to do it, and Jesus did it. Bro had faith because he had a starting point. He had seen something. He had felt something. He had experienced something.

Just like I knew that Peyton Manning could throw 7 touchdowns, this guy knew Jesus could heal his son.

When we see Jesus do things, when we have a starting point with Jesus, we can believe him for so much more. 

Jesus changed water to wine, which is cool. Especially for the non-Baptists out there. But that was just a starting point for the faith that was building in this royal official. It was just the starting point for something bigger Jesus was going to do.

What is your starting point? Is it your salvation? If you’re not a Christian, like the royal official at first, is it the radical change you’ve seen in a friend? Is it loneliness that can only be filled to the brim with Jesus?

Everyone needs a starting point for faith. When you see it, just remember it’s the beginning. 

Peyton Manning didn’t throw 7 touchdowns his rookie year. The royal official saw water changed to wine before seeing his son’s healing. We all have starting points. Jesus uses the starting point to build faith to something greater.

Embrace the starting points.


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