People Do Things.

“The assembly was in confusion: Some were shouting one thing, some another. Most of the people did not even know why they were there.” Acts 19:32 (NIV)

Think about it. Most of the time when something bad happens and people get crazy, they don’t even know why they are acting crazy. People gossip because other people are gossiping. People boast because other people are boasting. People mock because other people are mocking. People eat sushi because some random group of people didn’t have a fire and had to eat their fish raw.

People do things because other people do things.

There was a group of guys in Acts 19 that made idols for people. They were in good business because everyone in Ephesus had some sort of idol, until Paul came around. Paul had a habit of turning things around and upside down.

It’s like he had the Holy Spirit inside of him or something…

So these guys started a riot against Paul, and people joined them not even knowing why.

Let’s be honest, we as people are stupid. I do stupid things, like switch driving seats with people on the interstate. I say stupid things. People are dumb and people follow the crowd.

Now the good news. People do things because other people do things.

Throughout Acts we see Paul spreading the Gospel and people responding. We see people telling people that tell people that tell people that tell people that tell other people that tell another random guy.

The people in the riot didn’t know why they were in the riot, but they wanted to do what other people did.

The people that followed the Way may not have known everything, but they were strengthened in the faith and grew in number daily.

So, go be a catalyst for someone else to do something. Be the first to eat sushi, figuratively, of course. You may be the only one for now, but others will follow.

Because people do things because other people do things.


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