God Sends Jelly Fish.

Today at the beach we decided to get into the ocean. It was SO cold. When I first got in I immediately wanted out, but my friends were going deeper and said I would get used to it. So, we went deeper and stayed in longer because we got used to it. In life, that’s exactly how sin works. We, as Christians, get into sin and immediately know it is wrong. It is “too cold”. We keep going and we get more and more inclined to the sin until it feels normal. We get used to it. As we were in the water we saw a shark. Ok it was just a jelly fish but that was enough to get me out of the water. God sends jelly fish. When we stray into sin, God always gives us a way out. Whether that be a hint from the Holy Spirit or a hit to our life, God gives us a way out. So, when God sends jelly fish, get out of the water.

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