Actively Waiting.

The fear of the Lord teaches a man wisdom,

and humility comes before honor. (Proverbs 15:33 NIV84)

Humility comes before honor.
Sometimes we have to go through something to get to something better. We go through a break-up to get to a better relationship. We go through all-nighters to get a good grade. We go through valleys to get to mountain tops.
We go through problems so that God can show His power in our lives.
Abraham was ancient when God showed His power in his life and gave him a son. He waited. Moses was a farmer because he was a murderer, then God showed up in a random bush that wouldn’t stop burning. He waited. Joseph was a slave, then God made him second in command. He waited. Peter was humiliated because he denied his Lord, then God used him to preach to thousands and start the early church. He waited.
These guys actively waited. They didn’t just sit around waiting on God to do something. They were actively seeking God when He used them. They actively waited.
When we go through crap in our life, it isn’t for nothing. God has a plan. Sometimes we have to be humiliated in order to be honored. You have to run sprints in practice if you want to win the game.
Actively wait on God to bring you through your trial to your triumph, He will.

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