I Can’t Be Good Enough. BUT Jesus.

Today I was reminded of something so simple but profound. I can’t be good enough. I’m a no good piece of crap. I can’t make good enough grades. I can’t be nice enough. I can’t be pure enough. I can’t be strong enough. I can’t be in the word enough. I just can’t be good enough. There is nothing I can do to make me more right with God. There is nothing of myself that is good. BUT Jesus. The only good thing in my life is the One who saved me, Jesus. Today I was reminded that I can’t keep myself from sinning or screwing up constantly. Don’t get me wrong, I can do better through Jesus, but only that Jesus in me can make me righteous before God, not my good deeds. And only through Jesus can I be made complete. Only by his grace can I be constantly made more like him and continually forgiven for my screw ups. I can’t be good enough, BUT Jesus. Matthew 5:20


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